You’re not thinking big enough. Or are you?


We’ve all heard interviews of massively successful entrepreneurs who say they had no idea their idea or business would grow as big as it has or go in the direction it did. They simply followed their passion and, like Alice chasing the rabbit, one day found themselves in Wonderland.

There is another group of entrepreneurs (professionals, artists, athletes, etc.), undoubtedly a smaller group, who right from the start of their business or career, had big dreams and plans for their future. “I knew right from the beginning where I wanted to take this business,” they say.

Which one are you?

Are you putting one foot in front of the other and seeing where it takes you or do you know exactly where you want to go?

John Jantsch, over at Duct Tape Marketing, says that thinking small rarely leads to greatness and makes a good case for thinking bigger. It’s a well thought out article and I want to say I agree with him, but I’m not sure I do.

Jantsch argues that if you think about growing your business by 10%, you won’t do things that could lead to even bigger growth. If you think about doubling your business this year, however, you will think and act much differently, making bigger growth much more likely.

Logical, isn’t it? But is it true? How do we then explain the success of those who simply followed their muse and wound up rich?

Further, couldn’t we make the case that having big, long term plans, might actually work against you, leading you to do things that seem to be the logical next step towards your goal but that aren’t organic to the passion that drives you?

An attorney friend of mine who does a lot of motivational speaking is fond of saying, “You’re not thinking big enough.” It is exciting to think about a much bigger future. I think we get into trouble, however, when we get too specific about that future.

Donald Trump may not know where his next deal will come from but I don’t think anyone would argue he doesn’t think big enough. He knows what he wants and where he’s going but when an opportunity he never imagined comes knocking at his door, he’s smart enough to answer.


The two reasons attorneys don’t get more referrals


If you’re not getting as many referrals as you want, there are only two reasons. Either you don’t deserve them or you don’t ask for them.

Lawyers who get referrals are competent, of course, but competency doesn’t make you referral-worthy; you need more. To deserve referrals, you must also

  • Deliver good value,
  • Excel at “customer service”,
  • Give more than is expected, or asked,
  • Show gratitude, and
  • Be likable

Lawyers who do and are these things have clients who are not only willing to refer, they go out of their way to do so. When you give people more than they expect, the “law of reciprocity” compels them to give back. When you deserve referrals, the world responds by delivering them.

If you deserve referrals, you can get more by asking. The best time to do that is at the end of a case or engagement, when you are delivering the check or the final papers, when the client is feeling good about the outcome. But asking is not limited to opening your mouth and “asking”. There are many ways to ask for referrals:

  • You can ask in your newsletter, on your web site, or with a sign in your waiting room
  • You can tell stories that mention clients who were referred to you and how much you appreciate the client who referred them
  • You can ask clients to “Like” your page or forward your email to their friends
  • You can have your employees call and ask for you

Attorneys who ask for referrals get more referrals. But only if they deserve them.


Lawyers: Now you can get legal marketing videos on youtube


legal marketing videosOkay, this first video isn’t specifically about legal marketing, but I’ve got a youtube channel now and will be posting videos you can watch while sorting email or having your morning coffee.

Actually, I’ve got some good things planned and when you subscribe to my channel you’ll be notified when there’s a new video posted. I also added social media badges to the blog for youtube and linkedin.

What’s this first video about? Well, social media. I wanted to have a simple page where people can find the links (badges) to all my social media accounts so they can friend/follow/like me. Since I have another business and blog, this was even more important. I was getting to the point where even I couldn’t remember how to find me. Anyway, this short video explains what I did in case you want to do the same.

Please leave your comments (or questions) below. Since this is my first video (imagine that), I’ve probably left out something important and I’m sure you’ll want to mention it (as my wife just did when she poked her head in the door to tell me about how I messed up “attorney marketing”.)

Oh, please also use the share button or tweet button to tell people about this post. They might want to show their spouse that they aren’t the only ones who can’t speak proper English.

[mc src=”” type=”youtube”]How to create a personal social media hub page[/mc]


How I (finally) got organized


I‘m in love!

Well, okay, when you’re talking about a piece of software, that might be a bit strong. But, I can’t help it…

I really am IN LOVE!

The software I’m talking about is Info Select. It’s been around for twenty years and I can’t believe I just found out about it.

Info Select is an information management system that allows you to organize EVERYTHING: notes, contact info, ideas, emails, phone logs, client data, calendars, presentations, research…


I don’t use Outlook anymore. I use Word only occasionally. I’m getting rid of mounds of loose scraps, notes, reminders, post-its that have adorned my office for years. I can see my desk again!

I can now find anything I’m looking for by using Info Select’s robust search capability.

Here’s what one lawyer says about a previous version:

More info:

Here’s the company web site: They offer a thirty-day free trial. Careful, it’s addicting!

If you use Info Select, please share your experiences. If you haven’t, check it out!

David Ward
“Be a mentor with a servant’s heart!”