Boring is for tunnels, not presentations


Years ago, I recall reading that the optimal length of a presentation is twenty minutes. Any longer and the audience starts to tune out. If you have more information to cover, after twenty minutes or so, do something different.

Change the subject. Change the speaker. Tell a story. Survey the audience. Do a demo. Stop using slides or start using them.

Do something different to keep viewers or listeners paying attention instead of checking their phones or thinking about the rest of their day.

But that was then. This is now.

I just read an article that says (according to science) our brains get bored after ten minutes (not twenty). It noted that in view of this, at Apple product launch events they change the speaker every ten minutes.

If you do live presentations, videos, or podcasts, you might want to keep this in mind.

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How to make a quick screen capture video for your blawg


How to create free screen capture video for your blawgYesterday, I issued an “attorney marketing video challenge“. Today, I want to show you a free and very easy to use web app that allows you to make screen capture videos. I’d seen ScreenR before and was reminded to take another look when I read a review of screenR this morning.

I created the following video a few minutes after I set up an account. I uploaded the video to my Youtube account and then embedded it in this post.

Very easy, very quick.

Even if you don’t want to take the video challenge, I encourage you to set up an account and do a few practice videos. Put your web site or blog on screen, say something intelligent, and you’re done.

You can download the video, post it at youtube or other video sharing sites, put it on your web site, or leave it hosted at ScreenR and post the link to your social media friends and followers.

Note, your video will be public (on the free account) so don’t go too crazy in your video.

Take a look and share your comments. If you are unable to see the video, refresh your browser or you can view it here.


Lawyers: Now you can get legal marketing videos on youtube


legal marketing videosOkay, this first video isn’t specifically about legal marketing, but I’ve got a youtube channel now and will be posting videos you can watch while sorting email or having your morning coffee.

Actually, I’ve got some good things planned and when you subscribe to my channel you’ll be notified when there’s a new video posted. I also added social media badges to the blog for youtube and linkedin.

What’s this first video about? Well, social media. I wanted to have a simple page where people can find the links (badges) to all my social media accounts so they can friend/follow/like me. Since I have another business and blog, this was even more important. I was getting to the point where even I couldn’t remember how to find me. Anyway, this short video explains what I did in case you want to do the same.

Please leave your comments (or questions) below. Since this is my first video (imagine that), I’ve probably left out something important and I’m sure you’ll want to mention it (as my wife just did when she poked her head in the door to tell me about how I messed up “attorney marketing”.)

Oh, please also use the share button or tweet button to tell people about this post. They might want to show their spouse that they aren’t the only ones who can’t speak proper English.

[mc src=”” type=”youtube”]How to create a personal social media hub page[/mc]