Get the Check: Stress-Free Legal Billing and Collection

Legal Billing and Collection

In my law practice, billing and collection were two of my least favorite activities. Loved the money, not so crazy about asking for it, especially when a client was late.

If you’ve ever had a client owe you money, you know what I mean.

Billing and collection aren’t just about cash flow, however. They are also some of your most valuable marketing tools.

Marketing tools?

Sure. Think about it. Billing issues are one of the top reasons cited by clients who report being dissatisfied with their attorney.

When you get billing “right,” your clients trust you, hire you again and again, and refer others. When you get it wrong, your clients may pay your bill, but look elsewhere the next time they need an attorney.

If you want to “get it right”–get paid and keep your clients happy–you need, Get the Check: Stress-Free Legal Billing and Collection.

In this book, you’ll learn how to

  • Improve your cash flow by getting clients to pay on time and in full
  • Drastically reduce billing disputes, late payments, and unpaid accounts
  • Write invoices that make clients glad they chose YOU as their attorney
  • Get clients to pay your bill BEFORE the due date
  • Collect past due invoices without being “pushy”
  • Set up a “standard method of operation” so you always know what to do when a client is late
  • Keep clients happy. . . so they pay on time, hire you again, and send referrals

When you apply these strategies, billing and collection will be a simple and stress-free process for you, your staff, and your clients.

Get the Check is divided into three parts:

Part One are “best practices” for billing. You’ll learn some of my favorite tips and tricks for getting paid on time and reducing questions or complaints. You’ll learn when to send your invoice, what to include (and what to avoid), and what to do this month to get clients to pay you next month.

Part Two shows you how to collect past due invoices without alienating the client. You’ll learn what to do when they are late, with sample language you can use in a letter, email, or on the phone.

Part Three shows you how to roll out your new billing and collection practices with both new and existing clients.

If your practice is 100% contingency fees, congratulations. You don’t need this. But if you bill clients for anything, this book will make your life a whole lot easier.

Get the Check comes in pdf format and is available for immediate download. You can use PayPal OR a credit card.

Get the Check is only $29 $24 for a limited time.

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Here’s what attorneys say about my programs:

“As an update about the success I have had with [this technique], the 2nd client (and the one I thought would not use that approach) agreed to the plan. As a result of using this approach, I deposited over $60,000.00 since purchasing the cash flow for attorneys program. Wow!!”A few days later: “Went 3 for 3. Last one agreed today and paid me. I put $75,000.00 in the bank in 2 weeks. I love it!” —Jack Robinson, Texas

“I think your materials are great. I got a lot out of them. I started using one of your techniques but I got so many responses, my secretary was going crazy and made me stop! I’m going to hire a young lawyer to handle the extra work, so I can spend more time marketing.”–Bernard H., MA

“I am one of your original subscribers. Last year was my biggest year ever. I moved about $2 million in PI cases across my desk. Most of those clients were retained using techniques you taught me. Not bad for a sole practitioner. Your internet advice over the phone already saved me the price of your course and will make me a fortune in the future. As you know, there is a gold rush going on in the internet. Lawyers who hesitate will be left behind and broke. —John J. Schalter, MI

“David, you were kind enough to offer a detailed, five-page critique of the networks I had been forming among other lawyers. You had asked me to keep you informed of my progress. I am happy to report that my first case resulted in a $10,000 fee within the first month! Much of what you said in your five-page letter proved prophetic. So far I have received 6 cases that I would not have otherwise had.– David Wright

“I’m finding your program extremely helpful. In the first week of business on a part time basis, I have 3 new clients. –Jane K., LA

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The strategies in Get the Check can be used in any type of practice. Take a look at what’s covered:


Introduction: Your Invoice is a Marketing Tool

Part One: Stress-Free Legal Billing Techniques That Work

  • How to Stack the Deck in Your Favor
  • Get Paid Faster by Making it Easier to Pay
  • How to Instantly Eliminate (Almost) All Billing Questions, Misunderstandings, and Disputes
  • Retainers: How Much to Get, When to Get More
  • When to Send Your Invoice and How Often
  • How to Use Electronic Billing to Get Paid Automatically
  • Ask Your New Clients to Introduce You to THIS Person
  • How to Write an Invoice Your Clients Want to Pay
  • How to Write an Invoice Your Clients Will Hate (Note: Don’t Do This)
  • How to Use Your Invoice to Make Clients Glad They Chose YOU as Their Attorney
  • A Simple Psychological “Trick” For Getting More Clients to Pay on Time
  • How to Get Clients to Pay Your Bill BEFORE the Due Date
  • What to Do This Month to Get Clients to Pay You Next Month
  • Create a Standard Method of Operation So You Always Know What to Do and When to Do It

Part Two: How to Collect Past Due Invoices Without Losing the Client

  • The three reasons clients don’t pay (and what to do about it)
  • Your standard method of operation–continued
  • First contact with a delinquent client
  • What to do when they still don’t pay
  • Finding the balance between too tough and too lenient
  • Negotiating unpaid balances
  • Writing off bad debts

Part Three: How to Roll Out Your New Billing and Collection Practices

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More recommendations

“Your materials are unbelievably good! I should know. I used to be the marketing director of a 100,000 member association headquartered in Kansas City. We had a large marketing department and did all of our own creative, production, copywriting  etc. I ran the whole show so my expertise has been in the marketing arena. Having said that, let me tell you, your course taught me more about marketing legal services than the entire sum total of all the marketing research and reading I’ve done over the last decade. There’s something there for every attorney.

I project that your guidance will add an additional 2 to 3 clients a week. . . and at an average of fee of $1500 per client. . . well you do the math. I thank you. . . my wife thanks you and my kids thank you. Oh yeah, like the commercial says. . . we’re going to Disneyworld. . .thanks to you.” —Bill H., KS

I have never seen such a collection of relevant secrets and pragmatic ideas on how to build a law practice. I had always assumed that successful lawyers either: (1) never gave away their secrets; or (2) did something unethical to obtain their clients. The fact that you would even consider sharing the secrets of your success says a lot about your character.

[T]here are a lot of struggling lawyers that I have attempted to help over the years. So many drop out of the profession and change careers because they can’t make a living practicing law. You may never hear about all the careers you have saved. You will never know all the good you have done.” –David W.,TX

“[My three partners and I] were very happy with what we received. A lot of thought and energy appears to have gone into the program. It was good to see more subtle approaches that appear to fit our firm’s nature. We expect to quadruple our income by the end of the year! Seriously, we are quite busy and have for the first time hired an associate.” –Robb K., Chicago, IL

“The marketing approach is a very practical one. [You] provide concrete suggestions suitable for a wide variety of legal practices.” –Vera B., FL 

How refreshing to finally find marketing advice from someone who understands the legal profession. I had become frustrated with my current marketing advisor’s more generic approach and it is already apparent that your advice will be much more helpful.”–Alice K., CA

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