I know you’re a good lawyer, I just don’t like you


Some people say you can build a successful career even if you’re not well-liked. There may be some truth to that. If people respect your abilities and track record, they may hire you (or refer clients to you), even if you’re a Grinch. 

On the other hand, I can’t see how having your clients and professional contacts like you could ever work to your disadvantage. 

So, likable it is. 

Now, some people are naturally likable. They’re friendly, easy to talk to, and make people glad to be around them.

The rest of us have to work at it. 

We may get things right often enough, but there are times when we’re tired, facing a crazy deadline, or distracted to the extreme. While we may generally be a nice person, sometimes, the mask we wear says otherwise. 

So, in no particular order, here are 6 ways to make yourself more likable.

  1. Be interested. Make eye contact, pay attention (don’t take calls), listen, don’t interrupt, don’t yawn, take notes, repeat back the points you hear them make. 
  2. Be interesting. Talk about books you’ve read, movies you’ve seen, stories you’ve heard, that are likely to be of interest to the person you’re with.
  3. Mind your manners. Say please and thank you appropriately and often. Ask them about their day. Offer them something to drink.  Don’t keep them on hold or waiting in your waiting room too long. Apologize when you blow it.
  4. Smile more. They’ll smile back. Make them laugh if you can, because it’s hard to dislike someone who tickles your funny bone. 
  5. Remember names and use them. ‘Nuff said. 
  6. Get more rest. So you can do all of the above. 

Make people feel good about themselves and they’ll feel good about you. 

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