How often should you email your newsletter list? 


More often than you think. Because you (probably) think that if you email “too often,” you’ll annoy them and they’ll unsubscribe. 

That’s true for some people. But not all. 

In fact, the people who need your help the most, and are arguably more likely to hire you, typically want to hear from you more often, not less. 

On the other hand, people who signed up to get your free report and aren’t really interested in your newsletter (or your services) might not like it if you email often and may leave. 

That’s okay. They weren’t a prospective client. Just a subscriber. And subscribers come and go. 

But things aren’t always black and white. 

Many subscribers are interested in your services, but aren’t ready to hire you and may not be for a very long time. You don’t want to push them away; you want them to stay on your list until they eventually hire you or refer you. 

But I wouldn’t worry about it. If you provide valuable and interesting information in your newsletter, things usually take care of themselves. 

So, choose the frequency that feels right to you. 

Consider your market (business or consumer) and the length and complexity of your newsletter. Does it require research or are you having a chat with the folks?

Most of all, consider how often you can comfortably publish so you can keep doing it. 

For most attorneys, a short email once a week is about right.

Email Marketing for Attorneys