Halloween attorney marketing ideas


There’s a commercial running where a family is trick-or-treating and planning their route, so they can scoop up the best candy. The son says to stay away from a house where a dentist lives because he’s giving out dental floss. The father, dressed in a completely ridiculous costume, brands the dentist a “weirdo”.

I’ve heard stories about businesses and professionals passing out candy with their contact information printed on the wrapper, or dropping their business card or brochure in the bag along with the candy. So, is this good marketing?

No. It’s not. Creative, maybe, but not effective. This is a night for the children and you’re interrupting their fun with your commercial. You’re a weirdo.

But that doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea to pass out items with your contact information printed on them. Things like pens, coffee mugs, key chains, calendars, and note pads are a great way to keep your name in front of clients and prospects.

“Advertising specialties,” as they are called, are common marketing tools for small businesses, insurance, and real estate. There’s no reason why they can’t also be used by attorneys.

Give your clients a coffee mug with your info on it and they’ll see your name every morning. If they need you, they’ll always know where to find you.

At seminars, make sure each attendee has a pad of paper and pen with your info printed on them.

In addition to your regular business cards, get a card printed with something on the back–the bus or subway route, the baseball schedule, or a calendar–so people will keep the card in their wallet or stick it on their fridge.

If you’re looking for low cost, effective attorney marketing ideas, this is it. Get something printed with your name, phone, and website and pass them out. Give them to clients, prospective clients, and anyone else you want to remember you. Just don’t do it tomorrow night.

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Get more client referrals by giving away a $6 t-shirt


I had a client once who liked me so much she showed up at my office one day with a gift. It was a t-shirt she had made up that said, “My Attorney is David M. Ward” printed in big letters on the front. She had one made for me and one for herself.

Imagine your happy clients going shopping or taking the kids to soccer or ballet, wearing a shirt with your name on it. Do you think this might start some conversations? Can you see how you might get some referrals?

You can buy imprinted t-shirts in quantity for a few dollars a piece. You can be “professional” and print your name, a slogan or practice area, and your web site in the breast pocket area. Or you can do something whimsical like my client, with big, block letters “bill board” style. Or something in between.

Give away the t-shirts to all your clients. Prospects, too. Give them extras for their spouse and kids.

You would be surprised how many people will wear them, even if only to run errands or go to the gym. They’ll advertise your firm and get people asking about you. New clients can’t be far behind.

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How to keep your name in front of prospects all year long


My recent post on holiday greeting cards elicited a comment from Bruce Brightwell, an attorney who sends his list a magnetized refrigerator calendar. “People love the calendars, and I am in front of them for the whole year,” he said.

This is smart marketing. A practical gift that keeps your name and contact information in front of clients and prospects that is inexpensive and effective.

Calendars are a great year end gift. What can you do the rest of the year?

Do a search for “advertising specialties” or “ad specs”. That’s what they are called in the trade. You will find a mind numbing array of possible items you can offer:

  • Pens
  • Key chains
  • Calendars (wall, refrigerator, desk, wallet)
  • T-shirts
  • Baseball caps
  • Book bags
  • Book ends
  • Paper weights
  • Coffee mugs
  • Thermoses
  • Book bags
  • Mouse pads
  • Business card cases
  • Book marks

I like pens. You can get them in bulk for under .25 cents, and nice ones for under a dollar. People use pens and carry them, and if they lose one, someone else will pick it up.

I also like note pads. They are very inexpensive (any printer can make them for you) and you can get them in different sizes. Real estate agents send them pre-printed with lines for a grocery list. This is good for consumers. For businesses, I like a 4 by 5 1/2 size that can sit on a desk or next to a phone. While taking notes, your prospect looks at your name and smiling face at the top of the pad, draws a mustache and eye glasses and darkens your teeth. It’s a note pad and a game!

A disadvantage of note pads is that once they have been used, they’re gone. But this gives you an opportunity to get in front of clients and prospects several times a year to replenish their stock.

In choosing an item, keep in mind the amount of room available for printing. A pen has very limited space; a calendar has much more. More space lets you include an “advertising” message: your practice areas and/or an offer, e.g., “‘Free Report: How to save 20 to 50% on legal fees this year’ at www.mywebsite.com”.

You can, of course, have more than one gift item. You could mail everyone a calendar at year end, give coffee mugs to visitors to your office, and give a more expensive item (e.g., Polo shirt) to new clients.

Have you used ad specs to market your practice? Did it bring you new business?