Halloween attorney marketing ideas


There’s a commercial running where a family is trick-or-treating and planning their route, so they can scoop up the best candy. The son says to stay away from a house where a dentist lives because he’s giving out dental floss. The father, dressed in a completely ridiculous costume, brands the dentist a “weirdo”.

I’ve heard stories about businesses and professionals passing out candy with their contact information printed on the wrapper, or dropping their business card or brochure in the bag along with the candy. So, is this good marketing?

No. It’s not. Creative, maybe, but not effective. This is a night for the children and you’re interrupting their fun with your commercial. You’re a weirdo.

But that doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea to pass out items with your contact information printed on them. Things like pens, coffee mugs, key chains, calendars, and note pads are a great way to keep your name in front of clients and prospects.

“Advertising specialties,” as they are called, are common marketing tools for small businesses, insurance, and real estate. There’s no reason why they can’t also be used by attorneys.

Give your clients a coffee mug with your info on it and they’ll see your name every morning. If they need you, they’ll always know where to find you.

At seminars, make sure each attendee has a pad of paper and pen with your info printed on them.

In addition to your regular business cards, get a card printed with something on the back–the bus or subway route, the baseball schedule, or a calendar–so people will keep the card in their wallet or stick it on their fridge.

If you’re looking for low cost, effective attorney marketing ideas, this is it. Get something printed with your name, phone, and website and pass them out. Give them to clients, prospective clients, and anyone else you want to remember you. Just don’t do it tomorrow night.

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