How to leverage CLE time


Kiyosaki (see previous post) says leverage is “doing more and more with less and less”. One way to accomplish this is by making the time you spend in Continuing Legal Education do “double duty” for you, as the following letter from one of our subscribers attests:

“One idea that I have found very useful in building clients’ perceptions of credibility and reliability is the faxing or emailing of regular snippets of industry-specific information.

“For example, I have been wooing a client in the commercial construction business. Although I am not an expert in construction law. . . I came across an interesting summary of late breaking developments in subcontractor liability in the latest issue of the [his state Bar] Journal. I immediately copied it and faxed it to my contact (the executive v.p.) with the note, “I thought you might find this interesting.”

“I then added a quick blurb about how this is precisely what we do proactively for our business clients to keep them on the cutting edge of their field.

“This practice keeps me alert to my client’s needs, motivates me to stay on top of “hands-on” CLE information, and lets the client know about my concern, competency and desire to excel.”