Need more time? What would you do with it?


I just upgraded my modem and my download speed has literally doubled. And yes, I can tell. Everything opens faster. Pages scroll faster. Videos are smoother.

I love it when a plan comes together.

Also, the old modem was starting to go down frequently, requiring a re-set. Lately, this had been happening almost every day.

I’m on my computer most of the day and I figure that by swapping out the modem, I’m saving several minutes a day. That got me thinking about what else I might do to save more time.

What if I could consistently “find” 15 minutes a day, by cutting things out and speeding things up? Counting weekdays only, this would give me an extra 5.5 hours of month I could use for other things.

How about you? If you had an extra 5.5 hours per month, how would you use the time?

If you bill five hours a day, or the equivalent in flat fee work, you would be getting an extra billable day per month. Let’s say that’s $1500 to you. What could you do with an additional $1500 of found money?

Hire a part time employee? Buy more ads? Pay down debt? Move to a bigger office?

Perhaps you could use the time to learn a new skill. Catch up on your reading. Or go for a walk after lunch.

How about using that 15 minutes a day for marketing and bring in some new clients each month?

Hey, there’s a thought.

The point is that a few minutes a day, every day, adds up. Over time, it could lead to dramatic results.

Think about where you might find that time, starting with upgrading your technology.

Then, look for other areas where you can cut out wasted time. A different route to work, shorter meetings, learning how to type faster, upgrading your office procedures.

You say you need more time to do what you need to do? This is an easy way to get it.