The future of legal services: demographic trends you need to know about


Most lawyers have it backwards. They say, “Here’s what I do, world–call me if you need my services.”

Instead, they should look for a market that has a problem or a desire and present their services as the solution. Yes, they should “find a need and fill it.”

One of the ways to identify future needs is to look at demographic trends. In this article, the author identifies three “hot” demographics for businesses. Guess what, lawyers? That includes you.

The three groups are “Children,” “Twenty Somethings,” and “Seniors.” As I read the article, I couldn’t help thinking about how attorneys could simply re-focus their marketing messages to target these groups. You don’t have to offer new services, or change anything about what you do. Re-focusing means

  • Positioning what you do in a way that is attractive to the people who occupy these demographic slots, and
  • Identifying and networking with professionals and businesses who target these demographics.

For example, in the category of Seniors, the author notes that, “in-home medical or nonmedical care to assist with activities of daily living,” will be a growing market for the next 20 years. Where could your practice fit in? If you handle estate planning or elder law, the connection is obvious. But with a little bit of effort, you could find a connection for just about any law practice, business or consumer.

I suggest you read this short article with pen in hand or your note capture tool launched, and brainstorm ideas.

Also, do some additional reading. You may not know a thing about “in-home care” but a few hours online could not only educate you about the trends in the industry but also identify key people you could contact: start-up companies, mature businesses in the chain of distribution, bloggers, consultants, and professionals who already have a presence in the market.

A simple way to grow your practice is to align yourself with growing markets. But don’t just offer them your services. Find out what they need and then show them how your services will help them get it.


Don’t read this unless you want to quickly bring in a bunch of new clients


If you have a few minutes today, there’s a very good chance you can use this time to bring in more business. I’ve been preaching the value of this “technique” for many years because it is an incredibly effective way to put people in your waiting room.

I put “technique” in quotes because it’s not a technique so much as common sense. You don’t have to study or practice. You don’t need any special tools. There’s nothing to prepare. You can do it as soon as you finish reading this post.

One lawyer who did this eventually wrote to me to tell me he was getting so much new business, his secretary made him stop!

So what is this brilliantly simple way to bring in more business? Simply this: Call your clients and say hello.

Call your current clients and your former clients and tell them you are calling to say hello and see how they are doing.

That’s it.

The first thing that will happen is that your clients will be amazed and delighted that you thought enough of them to reach out and say hello (without the meter running). They will appreciate you even more than they already do.

Ask them about their family or their work or business. They will be even more impressed that you remembered something personal about them. Let them talk.

Don’t ask for anything or offer anything. Remember, you’re just calling to say hello.

Now what?

Well, your presence on the telephone will prompt your clients to think about legal issues or concerns they’ve had recently and they will ask for advice. Or, they will think about a friend from work or someone in the family with a legal issue and ask you if you can help them.

Before you know it you will be talking to people who want to hire you.

Of course, you will also be talking to people with issues you don’t handle. You will refer them to lawyers in those practice areas and score points with the client and the lawyers you refer them to.

Not everyone will have business for you today. In fact, most won’t. But in reminding them that you still help people solve legal problems, when they do need your services, or know someone who does, guess who they are going to call?

If you get voice mail, leave a message and tell them you’ll call again. Call them again in a few days at a different time.

Your clients know, like, and trust you. They hired you once and they will hire you again. They know people who need your services or who will need your services in the future, and they will be only too happy to send that business to you.

And you don’t even have to ask.

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