Want more clients? Try this.


Here’s the thing: no matter what you do, some of the people on your list won’t hire you. Even though they know they need your help, even though they have the money, they still won’t pull the trigger.

You can send them more information. And more success stories. You can remind them about their pain and the consequences of doing nothing about it. You can explain the steps you take working with your clients so they can see how thorough and caring you are. You can rhapsodize about the benefits your clients get that other lawyers don’t offer.

And you should do this. Give your list a steady diet of information about why they should hire you and you will get more clients.

But you’ll still have holdouts.

Should you bother with them? Of course. Just because you have to do more work to get them on board doesn’t mean they’ll be a bad client.

So what else can you do? You can do something most lawyers never do. You can offer them a free service.

That’s ridiculous, you say. Giving away free information, sure. But giving away free services makes no sense. You sell your services, after all. You can’t earn a living working for free.

Hold on. I’m not proposing treason. Hear me out.

A free service, even a very small and limited one, allows people to “try” you. Even though they don’t pay you, they are now a client. They get to meet you and your staff. They get to see you in action. They come to trust you. And they’re happy they decided to “hire” you.

So when you offer them another (paid) service they need, there is almost zero resistance.

Think of it like advertising. You give away $300 of your time (your advertising or marketing cost), in return for $3000 in revenue. And let’s not forget referrals which can multiply that number.

Isn’t this the theory behind free consultations? If you don’t mind, I’ll answer my own question: yes it is.

You don’t have to offer a free service to everyone, nor do you have to offer it all of the time. Try it once or twice, with a limited group of prospective clients, and see how it goes. Maybe a “year-end” or “holiday” special, just for first-time clients. And if you don’t want to offer a free service, offer a discount.

Your objective is to bring in new clients and this is a proven way to do it. What they pay you over their lifetime is far greater than what they pay you on the front end.

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