What are you wearing?


So, what are you wearing? Your prospective clients want to know.

When they go to your website or read your posts on social media, they want to see what you look like and what you do. It gives them a sense of what it would be like to work with you.

But they want the real you. Doing the things you do every day as a lawyer. So, after you have added a decent head shot or two on your web site and social media profiles, it’s time to add some photos of you at work.

Such as you

  • Speaking on a panel or on stage
  • At a networking event, meeting other important people
  • Behind the microphone (e.g., radio or TV interview)
  • At your desk (reading, signing papers, on the phone, typing, with clients)
  • On the courthouse steps

Photos like these help prospective clients get to know, like, and trust you. They show you doing important things and looking professional. They provide a human element that connects with people.

If you don’t have photos, start snapping. You don’t need to hire a photographer, nor should you pose or do anything staged. Have your staff snap some candids of you in the office. Bring someone with you to your next event.

If you’re camera shy, I understand. You won’t see me in many photos. If I was still practicing, however, I’d suck it up and get some photos of me doing my thang. And Photoshop the hell out of them.