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I just updated my privacy settings on Google. They were going to use my name and face in ads. Now they can’t. It was easy. Here’s how to update your Google settings.

Next, Facebook. Last time I checked, my settings allowed anyone to post updates on the front lawn of my house. Or something like that.

By the way, if you know how to turn off all game invitations, could you do me a solid and let me know?

Anyway, privacy is a hot topic today, and your clients want to know what you think and even more, what you advise. If you’re looking for a topic for your newsletter or blog, something that will get opened and read and appreciated (and bring you some search traffic, too), this is it.

What are the current laws? What needs to be changed? What can people do to protect themselves?

Do you have an opinion on Snowden, the NSA, or The Patriot Act? Have we gone too far in the name of stopping terrorism or is our lack of privacy a necessary evil?

You don’t have to take a position if you don’t want to. You could present both sides and let your readers decide. Or, you could come out with both barrels blazing and get people fired up.

At the very least, pass along to your readers some basic information about how to update their settings, as I did at the top of this article. Of course changing settings doesn’t really protect you from much of anything. It just makes us feel a little less powerless than we really are.

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