The Best Ways to Engage Clients on Facebook and Twitter are Also the Simplest


Get More Facebook LikesSocial media marketing is networking online. Having fans and followers without engaging them would be like going to a networking event and not talking to anyone.

What do you do when you don’t know what to post or you don’t have time to converse with your fans and followers?

A recent survey by Roost, a social marketing platform, has the answer. They evaluated more than 10,000 Facebook and Twitter posts by small businesses from over 50 industries and determined which posts yield the highest levels of interaction. It turns out the activities with the highest levels of engagement happen to be the simplest and most accessible.

According to blogger TJ McCue who wrote about the survey, “the best way to achieve Likes is through photo posts, quotes and status updates, with photos providing 50 percent more impressions on average than any other post type, and quotes providing 22 percent more interactions when compared to all post types.”

That’s good news. Photos and quotes are already streaming through your feed. All you need to do is is share the ones you like.

More good news: links are 87 percent more likely to be shared than any other post type. So, as you go about your daily reading of blogs and articles, find the ones you like and share them.

The bottom line is that you don’t need to spend a lot of time engaging your followers, nor do you need to have original content, although in my opinion that can only help. Unless, of course, you want to share all 187 photos of your family trip to Disneyland.

Social media is networking online and sharing of content is part of the conversation. But just because it’s easy to share everything doesn’t mean you should. Share content that you like, but even more, share content the people who follow you will Like (with a capital “L”).