The productive lawyer: squeezing more work into your busy day


productive lawyer attorneyLast night, I heard a speaker talking about how he found more time for work in his already busy schedule.

He had his weekly calendar up on a slide, showing his 12 hour work-days, and showed how he was able to find another 30 hours a week (30!) by doing things like making calls during his commute to and from work, taking 15 minutes to eat lunch instead of an hour, and who knows what else he said, I tuned out about a third of the way through his presentation.

I don’t want to do more work. I work enough as it is. Actually, if I were honest about it, what I want to do is less work. Much less. Like none at all.

Of course that depends on how you define work. Here’s a simple definition I just made up: if it’s not fun, it’s work.

So what I really want to do is get rid of everything I don’t like doing and replace it with things I enjoy.

Is that unrealistic? Good! Then unrealistic is what I want to be!

Yes, I know there will always be things I can’t delegate, things I don’t want to do but must. But that doesn’t mean I have to fill my day with these kinds of things, let alone find ways to squeeze even more hours of unpleasantness into my day.

Okay, I know I’m ranting, but this guy bummed me out. I should have heard him out (so I could share more of his ideas with you) and simply changed the word “work” to fun. “How to find an additional 30 hours a week for fun”. Now that would have been an awesome presentation.


Abraham Lincoln advertised his law practice; why don’t you?


Okay, I’m not going to get into a rant on why lawyers who don’t advertise shouldn’t denigrate lawyers who do. I’m just going to present this ad by one Linclon & Herndon, Attorneys and Counsellors At Law in Springfield, Illinois, who advertised their availability for hire in what appears to be a newspaper of general circulation.