Blog Post Title Generators: Get Ideas, Titles for Your Blog, Newsletter, or Article


Ideas are a dime a dozen, they say but we all have days when we’re bankrupt.

When you have to write a blog post or other content and you’re fresh out of ideas, one easy solution is to head on over to a blog post title generator, plug in some key words, and let the Internet find ideas for you.

Here are three you can try (ht to Search Engine People):

I used the Title Tool and put in the words “personal injury”. Here are the first ten results:

  • Personal Injury Protection Plans Also Are Called ‘No Fault’ Insurance
  • Few Types Of Personal Injury Claims
  • What Is Personal Injury Law?
  • Finding a Personal Injury Solicitor
  • Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer To Get The Compensation You Deserve
  • How Much Money Can A Personal Injury Lawyer Charge Me for My Case?
  • A Definitive List Of Expert Personal Injury Law Secrets
  • Litigation Costs in Personal Injury Cases
  • Personal Injury and Attorneys Who Can Help You
  • Why Is A Personal Injury Attorney Worth It?

I tried it again with the words “auto accident” and got these results:

  • How to Protect Yourself During an Auto Accident
  • 4 Types of Auto Accident Insurance Claims
  • Knowing What To Do After An Auto Accident
  • Methods To Maximize Your Recovery After An Auto Accident
  • Auto Accident Compensation Claims – How to Go Through the Process
  • Steps You Cannot Avoid Taking While Choosing an Auto Accident Attorney
  • How A Good Lawyer Can Help When You Get Into An Auto Accident
  • Important Tips To Remember To Protect Yourself During Auto Accidents
  • The Auto Accident Attorney – A Look at the Job

Supposedly, these are “existing high ranking titles using that keyword”. You can click a button and get more results. But not all keywords I inputted came back with results. For example, I tried “California personal injury” and got nothing.

Nevertheless, I’m sure you can see these tools can help you generate plenty of ideas. Give them a try and see.

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The truth about duplicate content in blog posts and newsletter articles


I used to worry about duplicate content in my posts. I didn’t want to repeat myself. I thought people would notice. “Wassup, you wrote about that six months ago. Out of ideas already? Wimp!”

Now I know that most people don’t notice and don’t care.

But even if they do notice, it doesn’t matter. What I write today will be different because I’m a different person today. I have different experiences to draw on. I’ll use different words and different examples.

You’re different, too. You’re not the same person you were six months ago. Your experiences give you a different context within which to receive my words. You will notice things you missed before. Ideas that weren’t important to you before will take on new significance.

My audience is different, too. Every day, new subscribers join my list and read my posts for the first time.

And good ideas bear repeating. I never stop reminding you to stay in touch with your clients. Even though you know you should do this, I’ll bet hearing it again helps.

So don’t worry about writing things you wrote before. It’s probably a good thing because you’re writing about something important.

No, Google won’t penalize you for duplicate content. Google’s Matt Cutts says, “I wouldn’t stress about this unless the content that you have duplicated is spammy or keyword stuffing.”

When you write as much as I do, you’re bound to re-visit old ideas. You can create new content by updating or expanding old posts, but if you wind up writing the same thing you wrote before, it’s okay. Somebody needs to hear it, or hear it again.

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