Blog Post Title Generators: Get Ideas, Titles for Your Blog, Newsletter, or Article


Ideas are a dime a dozen, they say but we all have days when we’re bankrupt.

When you have to write a blog post or other content and you’re fresh out of ideas, one easy solution is to head on over to a blog post title generator, plug in some key words, and let the Internet find ideas for you.

Here are three you can try (ht to Search Engine People):

I used the Title Tool and put in the words “personal injury”. Here are the first ten results:

  • Personal Injury Protection Plans Also Are Called ‘No Fault’ Insurance
  • Few Types Of Personal Injury Claims
  • What Is Personal Injury Law?
  • Finding a Personal Injury Solicitor
  • Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer To Get The Compensation You Deserve
  • How Much Money Can A Personal Injury Lawyer Charge Me for My Case?
  • A Definitive List Of Expert Personal Injury Law Secrets
  • Litigation Costs in Personal Injury Cases
  • Personal Injury and Attorneys Who Can Help You
  • Why Is A Personal Injury Attorney Worth It?

I tried it again with the words “auto accident” and got these results:

  • How to Protect Yourself During an Auto Accident
  • 4 Types of Auto Accident Insurance Claims
  • Knowing What To Do After An Auto Accident
  • Methods To Maximize Your Recovery After An Auto Accident
  • Auto Accident Compensation Claims – How to Go Through the Process
  • Steps You Cannot Avoid Taking While Choosing an Auto Accident Attorney
  • How A Good Lawyer Can Help When You Get Into An Auto Accident
  • Important Tips To Remember To Protect Yourself During Auto Accidents
  • The Auto Accident Attorney – A Look at the Job

Supposedly, these are “existing high ranking titles using that keyword”. You can click a button and get more results. But not all keywords I inputted came back with results. For example, I tried “California personal injury” and got nothing.

Nevertheless, I’m sure you can see these tools can help you generate plenty of ideas. Give them a try and see.

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