Your practice isn’t growing? Here’s why. 


Uh oh, more homework. But essential if you want to get more clients and better clients, increase your income, and build a more successful career. 

Here’s the thing. Your practice is a reflection of the decisions you make, and those are based on what you know, what you believe, and what you do. 

Yep, it’s all about you. 

Here’s the other thing. If your practice isn’t growing, it’s because you’re not growing. 


Maybe it’s because you’re so busy doing client work you haven’t had time to do “inner work”. 

Find the time. Your future depends on it. 

Yes, you can get help. Your staff, outsourcing, ai, partners, consultants. But ultimately, it all comes down to you. 

Because it’s your practice, your reputation, your future. 

And while you can get help, you can’t outsource your life. 

What’s your homework? Reading books and taking courses and talking to people who have achieved what you want to achieve. Brainstorming ideas, deciding which ones to work on, then working on them. 

Not really that difficult. But necessary. 

Because if you want your practice to grow, you have to grow.