A culture of referrals


Getting more referrals from clients and prospects can be as simple as educating them about the benefits of referrals—for everyone. 

The referred client gets the help they need from an attorney recommended to them by someone they know and trust. And they don’t have to spend time and effort finding them and risking a mistake. 

The client who refers them gets the appreciation of their friend. And you get more clients and, arguably, better clients because they are friends or business contacts of your existing clients.

A referral practice is less expensive to build than, say, an ad-based practice, which means you can afford to offer competitive fees without sacrificing your high level of service. You get more clients, at no cost, and your clients get more value from you. 

To get more referrals, you should also educate your clients and prospects about the best and easiest ways to make referrals (best and easiest for all 3 of you), and tell your clients and prospects that you like and appreciate referrals, because they don’t always know that.

Many clients are willing and able to refer clients to you, but think you don’t want or need them because you’re busy and successful. Others don’t refer simply because they never thought about the subject.  

Help them think about it by bringing up the subject. 

Attorney Jack Early tells his clients: “Just so you know, we are built on referrals and we would love and appreciate your referral. That would mean a lot to us”. 

He says the more he says that, the more referrals he gets. “We call it a culture of referrals,” he said in a recent interview. 

Simple. Straight forward. Successful.

How to get more referrals from your clients