3 things you need for success in private practice


What does it take to make it? A lot of things can help. Cash, for one. Because if you can put it to work wisely, you can get things off to a good start or more easily move to the next level. But cash isn’t one of the 3 things you need. 

How about mental toughness? Also good. But also not essential. Even for litigators. 

Knowing a lot of influential people? Excellent. But not on the list of must-haves.  

Charm? Good looks? Being smarter than the average bear? 


So, what then? What are the 3 things you need for success? 

At the top of the list, far above the other two, is desire. You’ve got to want it. So let’s call it, “burning desire”. 

But not necessarily the desire to be a successful lawyer. The desire to be, do, or have something that being a successful lawyer makes possible.

Something that’s important enough to you to get you out of bed in the morning and do things you might not feel like doing. 

For some, that might mean being able to move their family to a safer neighborhood or helping their older parents (finally) retire. For others, it might mean helping to save humanity. 

Something you are passionate about. Something you might be brought to tears when you think about not getting it. 

That kind of desire. Not ego-driven desire. 

Desire is at the top of the list because that’s what will see you through the tough times, disappointment, and sacrifice that often go hand-in-hand with building a successful practice. Desire is the key to everything else.

What’s number 2? Willingness to learn. But not just legal knowledge or your core legal skills. 

There’s a lot to learn about marketing, hiring and keeping good people, budgeting, productive work habits, and all the paperwork. 

Most of all, there’s a lot to learn about yourself. Your personal and interpersonal skills. Because success means becoming the kind of person who is successful. 

As Jim Rohn put it, you need to work on yourself more than your business. 

Which leads to number 3. Willingness to do the work

You may have the desire and be willing to learn, but if you’re not willing to show up every day and do the work, and keep doing it, you’re not going to get to the promised land. 

I’m not saying you have to continually burn the midnight oil, never take breaks, or do things you hate doing. You needn’t work till you drop. You can (and should) look for shortcuts, and create systems and habits that make things easier and better.

You can have a life while you’re building your business. 

You can also go quickly or slowly and take the path that’s right for you. But you have to do the work and that means you have to keep moving.

Because there’s a lot to learn and even more to do. 

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