Stop trying so hard


I have a theory. Because being a lawyer is so demanding and requires so much attention to detail, and because most lawyers work their tails off to get everything right, they tend to do the same thing with creating content.

Which is why many lawyers don’t create a lot of content and thus miss out on a lot of traffic, leads, subscribers, and new clients.

If you’re not producing as much content as you want to, quit trying so hard. You can produce all the content you need without breaking a sweat.

No, you can’t produce junk. You need to provide value. That’s what keeps readers reading, sharing your content, and selling themselves on taking the next step towards hiring you.

You can do that with a lot less effort.

How? By writing less:

  • Shorter posts. A few hundred words is plenty.
  • Re-reusing/re-purposing your old/other content
  • Re-writing other people’s content (your words, examples)
  • Listicles (resources, tips, ideas, quotes, definitions, checklists, etc.)
  • Avoiding research; writing what you know (you know a lot)
  • Publishing less often
  • Getting help (in house or outsource)

You can also publish content without doing a lot of heavy lifting. Answer questions posed by your readers and clients, or share something you learned in an article, book, video, podcast, or MCLE.

You can report industry or local news (e.g., acquisitions, new hires, promotions, mergers, etc.), appellate opinions, and new or pending legislation, with very little of your own writing other than brief comments, e.g.., “this is new” and “here’s what I think about it” and “here’s what I’d like to see next”.

Stop trying so hard. Set a goal to provide ONE nugget per post, something your reader can take away, remember, and want to share.

Something interesting, helpful, or entertaining. Something you can write in 30 to 45 minutes.

More ways to (quickly) produce content