How to build a big law practice without advertising


Some attorneys do a lot of advertising. They invest heavily in media and consultants, generate a lot of leads, and build systems to help them convert those leads into clients.

But that’s a big stick to swing and not everyone can swing it. Or wants to.

Successful attorneys are also good at getting referrals, and that’s something every attorney can do.

But while that doesn’t take a lot of cash, it can take a lot of time.

You need a base of clients and contacts who have referrals to give and who like and trust you enough to give them, and that doesn’t happen overnight. But you can start small and eventually get big.

And if you get a few things right, it doesn’t take as long as you think.

What do you have to get right? Besides keeping clients happy?

Happy clients will naturally tell others about you, but they’ll do it more often when you prompt them.

So, prompt them.

Educate them about how to recognize a good referral for you and what to say and do when they do. Ask them to introduce you to the other professionals they know. Provide them with information they can share with friends.

And stay in touch with them.

People are busy and don’t necessarily think about you, even when they talk to someone who needs your help. When you stay in touch with them, you remind them about the problems you solve and benefits you deliver and they think about who they know who can use your help.

Simple dimple.

They share your content with friends, co-workers, neighbors, or clients. They mention your name and give them a link to your website. They tell a story about what you did for them or someone they know.

You get more traffic to your website, more opt-ins to your list, more calls and appointments, and more new clients.

You also get more repeat business.

Getting referrals isn’t complicated. But if you wait for everything to happen on its own, it might be a minute.

Don’t wait for referrals to happen. Take some simple steps and make them happen.

How to get more referrals