What if I want to eat alone?


“Never Eat Alone” is a best-selling book that makes the case for building your network by inviting other people to accompany you when you go to lunch.

The author makes a good point. But what if I want to eat alone?

What if I want to read or listen to a podcast or just sit quietly and enjoy a meal? What if I’m tired and don’t feel like being “on”? What if I have a ton of work waiting for me and just want a quick sandwich?

And what about those of us who see the value of networking, during lunch or otherwise, but aren’t particularly social? We might handle going to lunch with someone once a week or once a month, but not every day.

Whether you like networking this way and do it all the time, or you do it only occasionally, here’s a suggestion: instead of inviting one person to lunch or coffee, invite two.

Two people you think might be a good fit.

You introduce person A to person B. If they hit it off, they both benefit, and they both have you to thank for introducing them.

And your network grows.

Being a matchmaker is a simple and effective way to network. It’s also a lot easier on you because they do most of the talking.

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