Marketing legal services, James Bond style


I recently wrote about the need to look and sound the way prospective clients expect an attorney to look and sound, and at the same time, appear different from other attorneys.

It’s a paradox, and a challenge.

Another challenge in the marketing realm is displaying the right posture.

On the one hand, you want prospective clients to know you want their business. You’re ready to help them, you promise to work hard for them, and you hope they choose you as their attorney.

At the same time, you want them to know that while you want their business, you don’t need their business. You’d love to work with them and help them but it’s fine if they choose someone else.

Thus, the paradox.

The message is that you are extremely busy because you are very good at what you do. Anyone who gets you as their attorney is fortunate.

If you were a restaurant instead of a law office, people would see a parking lot filled with cars and a line outside the door, waiting to get in.

Because you’ve got the best food in town.

In marketing, you want to be like James Bond–calm, cool, collected. Someone everyone wants because they know you will get the job done.

Bond never chased the girl but he always got the girl.

Be like Bond. Let the girl know you want her but make her come to you.

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