2 lists that can help you build your practice


Whether or not you do any formal networking, in the course of a day you speak to people who can help you build your practice. They know people you would like to know, they know things you would like to know, and they can do things for you you can’t do for yourself.

And they’ll help you. All you have to do is ask.

To make that more likely, I suggest you prepare 2 lists and refer to them before you speak or write to anyone.

List number 1 is a list of favors you can ask for. Little things and big things they can do to help you. Call it your, “Can you do me a favor” list.

What kinds of favors? Well, what do you want?

  • Referrals and introductions (to clients, professionals, centers of influence in your niche)
  • Information (about a market, how to do something, where to find something)
  • Advice (marketing, business strategy, management, best practices)
  • Testimonials, endorsements, reviews (for your book, your services, your capabilities)
  • Feedback/opinion (about your idea, your article, your case, your presentation, your problem)
  • Permission (to quote them, to mention their name, to use their testimonial)
  • Recommendations (which app, which method, which group)
  • To do a favor for your client or friend

People like to help. If they can give you the name of someone to talk to about your current project, give their opinion about something you can use in your next blog post, or start thinking about people they know who might need your services, most people will.

Which leads to list number 2.

List number 2 is similar to list number 1, but instead of a list of things you can ask of others, it’s a list of things you can do for others.

Ways you can help them or their clients or contacts.

When you speak to someone, prompt them to tell you what they’re working on or how things are going. When you hear something that’s on your list, offer to help.

Here’s the thing.

The more you use list number 2, the more likely you’ll get help with list number 1.

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