Danger, Will Robinson


I have two Dell computers. The other day, I dutifully updated some of the bits and pieces Dell’s “Support Assist” app told me I needed.

Today, I saw an article telling me that the older version of the SupportAssist Client contains “a remote code execution vulnerability” and should be updated immediately.

Yikes. I don’t how serious that is but I realized I’m not sure what version of the app I have, so I checked.

The desktop (my newer machine) tells me I’m up to date. The older laptop wasn’t. I downloaded the current version and now, all is well.

Why didn’t Dell automatically update the app on the laptop? Why didn’t they notify registered users to watch out for this issue? Why did I have to “get lucky” and find out about it from PC Magazine?

I don’t know. But now I know about the issue and so do you.

Even if you don’t own a Dell, many of your clients do and you may want to give them a heads up. They’ll be glad you did.

If they don’t own a Dell, they’ll like the fact that their attorney cares enough about them to tell them about this.

When it comes to client relations, little things are big things. 

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