Bedside manner for attorneys


According to a recent study, a majority of doctors give their patients just 11 seconds to explain the reason for their visit before interrupting. Only one third gave them enough time to describe what’s bothering them.

I don’t know if doctors interrupt to ask questions or because (they think) they’ve heard enough to issue a diagnosis but it doesn’t matter. A visit to a doctor isn’t just about getting well.

Patients want to feel like they made the right decision in choosing a particular doctor. They want to feel that they are in good hands and that everything will be okay. They want to know the doctor cares about treating them and not just the disease.

It’s been said that “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much they care.” It’s said because it’s true.

Do I even have to say that it’s also true for attorneys?

Let your clients talk. Look them in the eye. Don’t take calls during the appointment. Say please, say thank you, and go out of your way to show them you appreciate them, you care about what they’re going through, and you are committed to helping them get better.

Take care of the client, not just their legal problem.

Client relations made simple

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