Working three hours a day


I saw a blog post this morning citing a study about productivity in the UK. The study found that most people (in the study at least) are productive just under three hours a day.

True or not, it got me thinking. What would happen if we intentionally chose to work no more than three hours? Hey, in comparison to a four-hour work week, three hours a day is positively Draconian.

Is it possible? If it were, how would it change your life? Your health? Your happiness?

If you work for someone, your first thought might be that you would get canned if you only showed up three hours a day. Fair enough. So suppose (for now) that you showed up for eight hours or whatever you’re contracted for, got all your work done in three hours and nobody knew what you did the rest of the day?

If you work for yourself, imagine getting your work done in three hours, after which you could go home.

I know, sounds crazy, but what if it’s not?

Assuming arguendo that it is possible, what would you have to do to make it so?

Humor me. Think about it. You might ultimately conclude that it’s not possible but what if by thinking about it and making some changes you could cut an hour a day off your schedule?

Could you use an extra five (or six) hours a week to do something else?

Today, I don’t have answers for you. Just questions, to get you thinking. What would you have to do to make this happen?

What could you cut out? What could you consolidate? What could you delegate? And what could you do more quickly if you had better skills, equipment, or experience?

Think! Plant the idea in your subconscious and let it go to work for you. Let it find some ways for you to get your work done in less time.

I know, some people reading this are thinking, “It won’t matter. If I get my work done in three hours, I’ll spend the rest of the day doing more work.”

Lawyers. You can’t argue with them. Or take away their hourly billing.

Leverage is the key to earning more and working less. Here’s the formula

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