Ever vigilant


The other day, someone posted the following comment on chess.com:

“Chess is a cruel game, in that a player can spend an entire game building up a won position, and then throw it all away in a moment of distraction.”

If you play, you know this is true. You must never allow yourself to be distracted. You must never take your mind off the game.

This is also true of a law practice.

A law practice has many moving parts and they must be kept in good working order. A lawsuit, an ethical charge, the loss of a key client–can cause your castle to come tumbling down.

Lawyers have much to do, just to stay in the game. They must keep their library up to date, maintain sufficient insurance, timely file documents, protect their client’s data, hire and supervise competent employees, serve their clients, develop and maintain professional contacts, and continually attract new clients.

They must avoid neglecting their clients, avoid too much work and too much stress, and avoid taking success for granted.

Yes, it’s a cruel game, filled with risk, but also the thrill of the win. And that’s why we play it.

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