New tricks for an old dog


I just installed macOS on my PC. A bit tech-y for me but it was either that or buy a Mac and I wasn’t about to do that just to run one application. (There’s an app I want but it’s only available on Mac and there’s nothing like it for PCs.)

After reading a slew of articles and watching lots of videos, I went ahead and got my geek on.

It didn’t go smoothly. The first method didn’t work. The second method eventually worked, but not without many error messages and missing helper files. Some videos assumed facts not in evidence, that is, my knowledge about where to find things on my system (e.g., BIOS) or how to show hidden files.

But I stuck with it and now I’m good to go. In retrospect, despite the frustrations, it was easier than I thought.

My point?

Is it that you can run other operating systems on your existing machine and don’t need to buy a new one?

No, although that’s good to know, isn’t it?

Is it that you can learn how to do things you previously thought were over your head?

No, but that’s certainly important to know.

Is it that the Internet is an incredible resource for learning things?

Well, we already knew that, didn’t we?

While all of the above are true, my point has to do with marketing.

The youtube video that finally worked for me, providing links to up-to-date downloads and instructions on how to do the little bits and pieces necessary to make the whole thing work, was recorded by a guy who’s in the computer business. He does installations, troubleshooting, updates, and so on, and very casually mentioned this.

It probably took him 15 minutes to record this video. In return, he gets traffic to his site and, no doubt, new business.

His video demonstrates his expertise and builds trust. Viewers can see that he knows what he’s doing. After watching the video, some viewers might still need help and hire him. Or hire him for other computer problems. Some might share the link to the video with a friend they know who has the same problem.

Lawyers can do the same thing with our expertise.

Take your presentations and put them online. Or record yourself answering FAQs. Teach people how to do something or understand their legal problems and the available solutions, and you will get traffic, subscribers, followers, and clients.

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