Don’t let this happen to your clients (or you)


Many (most?) people think identity theft is about credit and credit cards, but that’s only about a fourth of the problem. These two videos are frightening examples of other kinds of identity theft and, unfortunately, they are more common than you think.

Once you have watched these, spend a little time educating yourself about identity theft, and then tell your clients. Warn them and inform them. Tell them what to watch out for and tell them how to protect themselves. Especially now, during the holiday season, when identity thieves run like pack wolves. As the first video suggests, it could save their life.

And if you don’t have identity theft protection, think about getting some. I have what I believe is the best service available and I also sell it. (No commercials, though; if you want some information about the service for yourself and/or to offer it to your clients, contact me.)







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