Read this first


You have a lot of good content on your website and your visitors want to read it.

They want to know what you can tell them about their problems and your solutions. They want to know what you have done for other clients and what you can do for them. They want to know what you’re like as a person and why they should trust you as their attorney.

You have this information on your site, but your visitors don’t know where to find it. Or where to start.

Help them. Take them by the hand and show them where to go to get the information they want and the information you want them to know.

Provide a site map and an index of your content. Tell them which page to visit if they want to know X and which page to visit if they want to know Y.

Most visitors haven’t been to your site before. You might want to “greet” them with a page just for “first-time visitors” and give them a tour.

Some visitors have been to your site or heard you speak or read something you wrote on another site. They want to know what to read next or they have questions. You should have a page for them.

Your clients might come to your site to see “what else” you do or learn about updates or addons. Some want to refer a friend. Make sure they know where to go, what to read, and what to do next.

Consider adding “welcome” pages and indices for professionals who might have someone to refer, and for people who have spoken to another attorney and are looking for a second opinion.

Don’t leave it to your visitors to navigate their way through a forest of content. Give them a playlist.

Because if you leave it to them, they might get to your site, see a forest of content, and turn around and leave.

What to include on your website or blog