Are you branding your law firm? Here’s why you shouldn’t.


When one of your clients has a friend or business contact who needs a lawyer, they’ll hand their friend your business card (we hope) and say, “Here, call my lawyer”.

Notice they don’t say, “Here, call my law firm.”

Your clients have a relationship with you, not your firm. Even if you are a partner, your brand is “you” and “you” is what you should be promoting.

If permitted, you should have your own web site or blog, your own social media accounts, your own domain name, and your own email account (

If all you do is promote and brand your firm, what happens if you leave the firm or the firm disbands?

Your brand is valuable. It should be protected, nurtured, and grown.

(Note, the above photo is a business card from lawyer James Rains, circa 1857. It says, “Will practice in any of the Courts, and attend promptly to the collection of claims.” It looks like he was a partner in the firm of “Kernan & Rains,” yet the card promotes Mr. Rains.)


How to use your business card to get referrals


When you hand out your business card, always hand out two. "I’m giving you two cards, one for you and one to give to someone who might need my services."

This causes them to think about who they know who might need your services. They might think of someone immediately and tell you. They might ask for additional cards, because they know several people to give them to.

It also plants the seed in their mind that they should be on the lookout for referrals.

Simple, but it works.