How to steal your competitor’s clients


Would you like to know a simple way to legally and ethically steal clients from other lawyers?

Sure you would. Here’s what to do.

First, who is your number one competitor? The one lawyer or law firm in your market who is tops in your practice area. It doesn’t matter if they are good lawyers or bad lawyers. Just make sure they bring in a lot of business. 

So, who’s client’s would you like to steal?

Got it?

Okay, now, I want you to write a short article about this lawyer or law firm. A review. You can praise them, write about their shortcomings, or do a balanced article and talk about the pluses and minuses of hiring their firm.

Next, publish this article on your website or blog. Make sure it is optimized for search engines. Put the lawyer or firm’s name in your title.

The reason? Well, three out of four people use the Internet to find lawyers. Some begin by doing a search based on the practice area or legal issue. Others hear about a lawyer somewhere and go online to check them out.

When a prospective client goes to Google or Bing to do some due diligence on the lawyer or firm you wrote about, they’ll see your review and come to your site to read it. When they do, they’ll find out about you and what you do and if they like what they see, they may hire you instead.

Every time Joe Lawyer runs a radio ad, for example, lots of prospective clients go online to see what other people think about him. In fact, there’s a good chance they’ll type “Joe Lawyer review” into the search box. You might want to make that the keyword phrase you optimize for.

Just make sure your site shows them why they should hire you instead of Joe.

And that’s how to steal your competitor’s clients. Well, their traffic, anyway.

If you want to get more clients on the Internet, you need this


Internet Marketing for Attorneys: How to Make the Phone Ring


The Attorney Marketing Center announced the release of a new course, “Make the Phone Ring: A Step-by-Step System for Attracting Good Clients.” The course is primarily about Internet marketing for attorneys, says David M. Ward, author of the course and CEO of The Attorney Marketing Center, but also shows attorneys how to get more referrals.

Ward, a former practicing attorney, taught himself how to get clients online and says too many attorneys spend money on high priced consultants or expensive websites that bring very poor results. “Internet marketing for attorneys is not that difficult once you know what to do,” he says.

“Make the Phone Ring” shows attorneys how to create an effective website, the basis of marketing online. “Many attorney’s websites are little more than an online brochure which does nothing to differentiate them from other attorneys who offer similar services,” Ward says. “An effective website shows visitors how the attorney is different and why the visitor should choose them.”

Ward says that among other features, an effective website has lots of high quality information that helps people understand their legal problems and the available solutions. “When prospective clients go online, this is precisely what they are looking for. They don’t want ads, they want information,” Ward says. “When your website provides this information, visitors see why they should choose you because you’re not just telling them you know what you’re doing, you’re showing them.”

In addition, a website that provides this information will also attract those prospective clients through search engines and social sharing. “Internet marketing for attorneys is actually quite simple. The more information on your website, the more likely it is that prospective clients will find you and sell themselves on hiring you,” Ward says.

Ward based the course on his system of marketing online. He says that every day his website attracts attorneys who are looking for the solutions he offers and he doesn’t spend a lot of time or money on marketing. Most attorneys can do what he does in a couple of hours a week, he says.

“Make the Phone Ring” is available as a pdf download at Ward’s website. For additional information, please visit The Attorney Marketing Center.