SavvyDox: Sharing documents with clients and partners made easy


I’m finishing a book and getting ready for my wife to do her editing magic. I’ve been looking at alternatives to printing it, or messing with Word’s “track changes”. I found SavvyDox, a cloud based document sharing service that allows you to share documents with others who can edit or annotate by highlighting passages and adding notes or suggested edits.

You can share documents with multiple readers, and see each one’s comments or suggestions. You could share a draft with several clients or board members, for example, and avoid the email merry-go-round.

There are apps for Windows, Mac, and iPad. A free account allows you to manage 15 documents. Unlimited documents is just $15 a month.

SavvyDox bills itself as the first commercial cloud-based, mobile document management solution, “a product that transforms tablet document interaction.” From it’s press release: [It] “provides the tablet device user with a new level of intelligent interaction with documents including highlighting revisions at the word and paragraph level, version sensitivity, changed content navigation, shared annotations, and active and dynamic content.”

So there.

SavvyDox may be overkill for sharing with my wife. I could probably use Google Docs (Drive). But I thought this was a great tool for the mobile lawyer and wanted to pass it along. Let me know what you think.