Maybe you need some new friends


It’s called The Law of Association and tells us we become like the 5 people we associate with most. Think about your best friends and closest business contacts right now. You’re probably close in terms of income, lifestyle, and beliefs. 

If you’re not where you want to be right now, maybe some new friends would help. 

They could:

  • Introduce you to their clients, customers, vendors, and resources
  • Give you ideas and advice about what you’re doing in business or practice or your new business idea
  • Set an example for you to emulate, e.g., how they lead their life or conduct their business
  • Expand your income horizons by seeing what they do, what they read, and what they talk about
  • Help others see you in a different light—judging you by the (new) company you keep
  • Help you solve problems and achieve goals with their skills, knowledge, and experience
  • Introduce you to new experiences, e.g., hobbies, travel destinations, restaurants, books, etc.
  • Invite you to sit in on their poker game
  • Give you someone new to talk to or laugh at your (stale) jokes

And maybe become one of your 5.