What’s new?


In your blog or newsletter or other content, it’s okay to repeat yourself. Go ahead and write about familiar topics. As long you’re providing helpful information, or reminding them about important things you’ve told them before, you’re good. 

Just make sure you follow Rule No. One: “Don’t be boring”. 

On the other hand, when you have the opportunity to tell them something new, take it. Because new is better. 

We watch the news (God help us) because it’s “new”. We believe we’ll see something different, helpful, or interesting. Your subscribers and clients and followers do the same thing when they click on your content. 

And almost anything can be new. 

Write about something you haven’t talked about before, or a new take on something you talk about often. 

The law is always changing. You can always find something new to talk about.

New legislation, new decisions, new rules, and new cases you’ve handled or heard about. There’s a new consumer advocacy group doing something important (or wasting everyone’s time), a new idea making the rounds, a new blog or website or social media channel. 

Write about it. Tell them what’s new.

Maybe you’re packaging your services in a new way, opening a new office, launching a new presentation, or tweaking your fee structure. Maybe you have a new employee, a new practice area, or a new page on your website. 

Tell your folks about it and how it benefits them. Does it make you better able to help them? Will it help them save time or money? Make things easier or better? 

It’s news. So tell ‘em. But don’t worry about it if it doesn’t do those things. 

As long  as your “news” is interesting, your clients and subscribers and followers want to hear about it, or at least won’t mind you mentioning it. 

In part, because it’s coming from you and they’re interested in what you do, what you like, and what you think.

Your content isn’t merely a mechanism for educating your reader about things they need to know or do, or showing them how you can help them. It’s also a mechanism for building a relationship with them.

You talk to them (on paper), they listen. Sometimes, they reply. But always, they are a part of your world and you are a part of thers.

You don’t have to write anything amazing to foster that. Almost anything will do. Especially if it’s new. 

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