Why clients hire you


Sure, they need help with a legal issue, but they have other options. Why do they choose YOU instead of any other lawyer?

Good to know that, isn’t it? 

NB: Make sure you ask (survey) every new client about this.

Did they choose you because you have, or they believe you have, more experience? A better track record? Or because you specialize in the very thing they need or want?

Maybe they trust you (more) because they’ve met you or were referred to you by someone they trust. Maybe they read some favorable reviews or testimonials. Or maybe they saw something you wrote, or that was written about you, in a publication they respect.

Or they heard you speak and were impressed at how smart (and good looking) you are. 

Do you provide extra services that other lawyers don’t (or don’t mention)? More reasonable fees? Payment plans?

Could it be something as simple as convenience? Your office is close to them or you make house calls? Or they’ve used your services before and it was just easier to use you again? 

Maybe they hired you because, unlike other attorneys they’ve spoken to, you followed up with them after the initial consultation or conversation. Maybe they’ve been getting your newsletter for a long time and feel like they know, like, and trust you.

Lots of reasons. Pay attention. Your clients will tell you why they choose you, so you can keep doing those things. 

NB 2.0: When someone doesn’t choose you, that is, they consulted you or considered you but hired someone else, it’s even more important to know why.

Often, the reason someone chooses you, or doesn’t, isn’t because of how many boxes you ticked (or didn’t). It comes down to a feeling. 

They liked you or felt good about you. There’s something about you that tipped the balance in your favor. Something you said or they read about you that made them feel like you were the one.

Simon Sinek, in his famous TED talk, said, “People don’t buy what you do, they by why you do it”. 

So, no matter what else you tell them about yourself and your services, make sure you also tell them why you do what you do. 

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