Tell me about your law practice


When someone asks you to tell them about your work—what you do, the problems you solve, how someone can tell when they need your help—the words come easily to you. When they have questions, you have answers. 

We’re talking about interviews. A simple and effective way to market your services.

Someone with an audience invites you to talk about your work, you get to tell their audience all about what you do, give out your website and other ways people can learn more, and how to get in touch with you.  

Blogs, magazines, newsletters, podcasts, and other publishers and contact marketers are not only are willing to interview you, they need you, because their audience needs you. 

These publishers know you are an expert and can cogently apeak about subjects about which their audience is interested. They know you will provide valuable information, which is why lawyers are in high demand for interviews. 

Many interviewers welcome you to provide them with your introduction and with questions they can ask you. It makes their job easier and makes for a better interview.

Once you do a few interviews (and add them to your bio), getting additional interviews becomes even easier. 

If the interviews (or transcripts) are published online, they can be a continuing source of traffic and leads leads for you. 

How do you get interviews? You can start with a simple letter of introduction you send to publishers and podcasters. Look for those who do interviews about legal and related topics. Tell them about your experience as an attorney, about other interviews and presentations you’ve done, and a roundup of the types of subjects you can speak about. Invite them to contact you if they are interested in exploring further.

Yeah, as simple as that.