3 ways clients can help you


Would you like an expert to help you build a bigger and better practice? Someone who knows, likes, and trusts you, wants to help you, and is willing to do that without being paid?

Yep, we’re talking about your clients who are experts at being your client. Here are three ways they can help you.

Find out what’s working

You can talk to your clients, in a post-case interview, for example, and that might be a good idea, but sending surveys is easier and can be responded to anonymously, which will probably generate more candid feedback.

Either way, you can ask

  • What they liked about the work you did for them (outcomes, how they were treated, fees, keeping them informed, seeing them “on time”)
  • What needs improving?
  • Would they recommend you to others? What would they say?
  • Where did they hear about you (friend, another professional, saw your article or ad?)
  • Did they read any reviews? Where? What did they like best?
  • What keywords did they use in their online search?
  • Before hiring you, did they read any of your blog articles? Sign up for your newsletter? Attend your seminar?
  • Why did they choose you instead of other attorneys?
  • Do they know about your other services?
  • And a lot more

Improve your marketing

Clients can also help you improve your marketing and advertising. Show them two ads or headlines or images, for example, and ask which one they prefer. Give them a variety of topics (for your blog or newsletter or presentation) and have them choose the ones that interest them.

Ask which format(s) they prefer for consuming your content, if they like long articles or short, and how often they would like to receive it.

Ask them to tell you about their industry or market, about their work, the publications they read, leaders they follow, and organizations they belong to.

Lead gen

Ask your clients to share your content, tell others about your upcoming events, hand out your handouts, or invite friends to schedule a free consultation.

Ask them to provide a testimonial and a review.

Ask for referrals and introductions.

Will your clients help you? Not only are most (satisfied) clients willing to do that, they are flattered that you asked.

So, ask.

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