Onboarding new clients


I download a lot of apps to try out. I delete most of them almost immediately.

It’s not the app necessarily. Many of them come highly recommended, have great reviews, and look like something I can use. So, why do I kiss them goodbye so quickly?

Because they don’t make me feel welcome.

They make me sign up before I can see anything. Their instructions are confusing (or there aren’t any). They assume I know things I don’t know, or they do things in ways I’m not used to and don’t explain why.

I’m the customer. You should make me feel appreciated. Take me by the hand, show me around, and help me get started.

Don’t just point out a list of features. Help me start using them.

Some apps do it right. From the first click, they invite you into their world, and an exciting world it is. They show you everything you need to see and hide (for now) everything you don’t. They make you feel like they know what they’re doing and you will be well taken care of.

The app might not have every feature you want. It might not be the best at everything it does. But you fall in love with it because of their exceptional onboarding experience.

Something attorneys should seek to do with new clients.

Make them feel welcome, appreciated, and safe. Make them feel like you’ve done this before and they are in good hands. Make them fall in love with you and very happy they downloaded you.