What is quality content?


If you can write and publish more content than your competition, you should. But while quantity might bring more traffic to your digital door, it is the quality of your content that will convert that traffic into leads and new clients.

What is quality content? It’s content that is more likely to get someone to read it and take the next step.

Here are the key elements:

  • Benefits. Especially in the headline and lead. Show the reader you have something they want; make them curious to read your post to learn more about it.
  • Specific. Specialized content from a specialist. Talk about a specific issue or problem, and the solution, and address it to a specific reader who has that problem.
  • Interesting. Don’t bore people with boring information or overwhelm them with too much of it.
  • Stories. Tell readers about people like them with problems like theirs who came to you for help and got it.
  • Conversational. Write to them, not at them. Don’t make it all about you. Ask questions to draw them into the content.
  • Easy to read. Plain language, scannable (short sentences and paragraphs, lots of white space, sub-heads, bullet points).
  • Call(s) to action. Tell them what to do next and why. Make it easy to do that by highlighting your phone number, form, or link.
  • Email opt-in form. So you can stay in touch with them and continue to market to them, because most people don’t hire a lawyer the first time they visit their site.

Those are the basics. Get these right and you get an A.

For extra credit, consider:

  • Variety. Short and long articles for those who want them.
  • Involvement devices: quizzes, questionnaires, checklists, forms.
  • Visuals: graphics, charts, videos.
  • Service-related offers. You may not have one in every post, but when you do, promote it and limit it (time, quantity) to make it more valuable and create a fear of loss.
  • Why you: They can find this in your About page, testimonials, and other pages on your site, but if you see a place to mention something compelling about you or your practice, do it.
  • Links to related content, so they can drill down and learn more.

Ultimately, you want quality and quantity. But since most of your visitors will be first-time visitors and, statistically speaking, are unlikely to return to your site, better to have 10 great posts than 100 that don’t provide a great first impression.

This will help