2 ways a blog brings you business


There are two ways a blog can bring you new clients. The first way is to attract prospective clients via search. Your posts get indexed, people search for the information your posts deliver, and/or for lawyers who do what you do, they come and read and contact you to get started or to get more information.

Frankly, it’s a lot of work.

You have to choose the right keywords and use other strategies to help your posts rank higher than the competition. And you have to continue to do it to stay ahead of that competition.

Do it if you have the time or hire someone to do it for you.

But you don’t have to do that. There are other ways to get traffic that don’t take a lot of time or money or expertise.

Which is why I suggest you concentrate on the other way your blog can bring you business: writing posts that visitors want to read.

Posts that help them get answers to questions they’re asking about the law and how a lawyer can help them and persuade them to choose you.

You may get fewer visitors than blogs that focus on keywords, but the visitors you get will be much more likely to see that you deliver value, and much more likely to take the next step.

Which means you don’t need to be a blog post factory. You don’t have to write 10 posts a day as I saw one “expert” recently recommend.

Write a total of 10 or 15 quality posts that answer prospective clients’ frequently asked questions and demonstrate your ability to help them, and your blog can become a client-getting factory.

Once you have this in place, you can write additional posts if you want to, or you can do other things to get more people to read your posts.

In the end, quality trumps quantity. And takes a lot less effort.

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