Play the long game


If things aren’t going the way you want right now, if your practice isn’t growing like you hoped, if you messed up something or your personal life is a dumpster fire, don’t freak out. Don’t panic. Keep calm and carry on.

But how?

How number one:

Find one thing that’s going right for you and focus on that. Think about it throughout the day, imagine it getting bigger and better, and enjoy that feeling. What you think about grows and if you think about what’s working for you, other things will start working.

It is law.

How number two:

Think in years, not days. This week there might be disappointments or challenges, but that doesn’t mean things will be the same next week. Or next year.

Ask “How will I feel about this a year from now? Will it even matter?“

Probably not.

Life might deal you some bad cards, but this doesn’t mean all your cards will be bad.

Five years from now, when today’s challenge is a distant memory, you’ll be playing a different hand. You will have recouped the loss, solved the problem, overcome the pain, found a new love, and be in a very different place.

That’s life.

Don’t dwell on the bad hands. Keep playing. Play the long game.