19 ideas for your blog or newsletter


Looking for something to write about? Here are a few ideas to prime your pump:

Share the good news

Talk about good things happening in your world, for you, your firm, and your clients. Awards, settlements or judgements, new hires, new offices, being quoted in a news story, anniversaries or milestones (subscribers, followers), exciting new projects.

Business changes your clients need to know about

Are you modifying your billing practices? Changing office hours, opening a new office, adding technology, expanding into a new practice area or market, or doing anything new that clients need to know about?

Monthly recap

Tell folks what you’ve done and what you plan to do or focus on in the coming weeks or months. Are you writing a book? Creating a series of videos? What have you done? What are you planning to do?

Upcoming dates people need to know

Deadlines, reminders (e.g., to update documents), upcoming changes to law and procedure, holiday closings, and other dates clients and prospects need to be aware of.

New content

Anytime you create new content——articles, reports, checklists, forms, videos—alert your readers and followers, tell them how to access it, and how they will benefit from consuming it.

Success stories, testimonials, endorsements, reviews, mentions

What positive things are people saying about you? Don’t keep them a secret.

Tip of the day/week/month

What do your readers need to know? What do you recommend? How can readers do something better or faster, save time or money?

Recommended resources

Your content can simply be a recommendation and link to other content: websites, software, tools, businesses, professionals, productivity methods, books, videos, channels, courses. . .

Market news

What’s happening locally or in your niche your readers might like to know? Is there a new business in town? Is something shutting down? Expanding? Adding new products or services? New laws or regs? Petitions to be signed? Meetings, networking events, opportunities to socialize?

Great deals

Are any of your business clients or referral sources offering a discount or special offer? Any new loyalty programs? Spread the word.

Promote their event

Do you have a client or referral source who will be speaking, signing books, or conducting a webinar? Share the details with your list and encourage them to watch, listen, or attend.

A survey or poll, or results thereof

It doesn’t have to be your survey or poll, just something that might interest or affect your clients and readers. Invite them to give their opinion, vote for their preferred choice, or see what their colleagues or neighbors have to say.


How many do, how many don’t, what are the trends, and what does it mean? Could be for your practice, your state or county, or your field. it could be your own findings or re-posting from another source.

Social media updates

Have you added or removed any channels? Changed your bio, or added new photos? Are you planning to do a “live”? Did you interview anyone notable? Were you interviewed? Is there someone you suggest your followers follow?

A roundup of your most popular articles or posts

Give readers a chance to consume content they might not know about. Let them know what others are clicking on, commenting on, or sharing.

Get personal

Share your opinion about world events, changes in the law, trends in your target market’s industry. What’s going on in your practice or personal life readers might be curious about?

Answers to FAQs

What do clients and prospects and new clients ask you? What does your audience ask you when you speak?

Case studies

Problem, action, solution. What did a client want or need? What did you do? How did it turn out?

Where will you be?

Announce your upcoming speaking engagements, networking events, panel discussions, webinars. Promote the event, encourage readers to attend and to tell others.

Save this list, add to it, and use it when you need ideas.

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