Go deep


In a recent newsletter, James Clear said, “Double down on your best relationship. It’s the investment with the highest return.”

What did he mean?

He meant make the most of your existing relationships, they might be all you need.

Your existing and former clients will lead you to new clients. Your current professional contacts (referral sources) will lead you to new contacts, new opportunities, and the clients that go with them.

Go deep, not wide. Focus most of your attention on what you already have.

How do you do that?

Make a list of your top ten clients and another list of your 5 best referral sources and get to know them better.

Learn about their world, their industries, niches, and communities. Get to know their family, their employees, and their professional contacts. Add value to their lives by providing information, introductions, leads and traffic, advice and counsel.

Get to know everyone they know and look for ways to help them, too.

They will lead you to all the business you can handle.

You may start out with 10 or 20 people on your short list, but if you do this right, they will lead you to thousands.

You can always go wide. Network, advertise, blog, dance your ass off on social media. But if you focus on going deep, you may never have to.

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