How to get more repeat business and referrals


How much time do you spend marketing to your current and former clients? You know, the people who hired you and paid you and were happy with what you did for them?

If you’re like many attorneys, the answer is “not much”.

“If they need me, they know where to find me,” they say. And that’s a shame because while your clients may be willing to hire you again and send you referrals, with a little prompting, they’ll do that more often.

By prompting, I mean reminding them of the other services you offer, and showing them how they (and the people they know) can benefit from those services.

I mean keeping your name in front of them, so that when they need your services, or talk to someone who does, they immediately think of you.

I mean giving them opportunities to help you even if they never need your services again or talk to anyone who does.

What kind of help?

For starters, they can share your content (blog posts, articles, videos, social media posts, etc.), bringing you more traffic and helping you build your list.

They may already do that, but they’ll do it more often when you stay in touch with them.

Your clients and former clients (and prospective clients) may be willing to hire and refer you, they may know where to find you, but they’ll hire you and refer you more often when you remind them.

Marketing to your clients and former clients can be as simple as staying in touch with them.

Email is the best way to get more repeat business and referrals