Can we talk?


A lot of marketing is finding “excuses” to have a conversation with someone who needs your services or can lead you to people who do.

Your job is to find ways to have more conversations with prospective clients, professionals, centers of influence and others who sell to, write for, or advise your target market.

The more conversations, the better. But quality is more important than quantity.

Talking to someone who knows they need an attorney is better than talking to someone who thinks they might be able to handle the problem on their own. Talking to someone who can easily afford your services is better than talking to someone who has to borrow the funds.

Having a conversation with someone with an active email list or social media following is better than speaking to someone who doesn’t understand the value of staying in touch.

Speaking with people who were referred to you is better than speaking to people who responded to an ad or found your website through search. Speaking with someone who has read your book or attended your seminar is better than speaking to someone who plucked your name out of a directory.

But you should also consider the quality of the conversation itself.

Chatting with a contact on Flakebook isn’t as good as speaking with them on the phone or in person. Answering someone’s general legal questions or telling them more about what you do isn’t as good as consulting with them about their specific legal problem.

At the end of the day, when you’re writing in your journal or otherwise taking score, ask yourself two questions:

  1. How many clients did I sign up today?
  2. How many (high quality) conversations did I have with people who need my services or can lead me to people who do?

If you don’t like the answer to the first question, start working on improving your answer to the second one.

Marketing is easier when you know The Formula