Get more referrals with this simple marketing tip


You don’t have paid sales people but you do have clients and contacts who are willing to help you bring in business.

They’ll make direct referrals. They’ll tell others about their experience with you. They’ll notice when someone might need your help and give them your website.

They’ll do that more often when they know what to look for and what to say.

That’s where you come in.

You need to educate people about your services. Make sure they understand what you do. Make sure they know what kind of problems you solve and what to say to someone they think might need your help.

If they don’t know who to speak to or what to say, you’re making it difficult for them to spread the word about you in a way that is likely to produce results.

Tell people about your services. Tell them how to recognize someone who might need your help. And tell them what to say to them, even if that’s just, “ask them give me a call”.

You don’t need to push. Just get the information into their hands. Give it to new clients, post it on your website, talk about it in your newsletter.

Your clients and contacts want to recommend you. Equip them to do that and they will.

How to get more referrals from your clients