Important questions to ask every new client


You’re hired. A new client has signed up and paid you and you’re ready to get to work. Before you do, you should ask them a few questions.

You probably ask, “How did you find me?” as a matter of routine. Make sure you also ask follow-up questions to get the details.

If they were referred, ask what they said to or asked the referring party, and what the referring party told them about you.

If they saw an ad, ask where they saw it, how many times they saw it before they responded, and what persuaded them to (finally) respond.

If they found your site via search, what keywords or questions did they use? What article or post on your site convinced them to call or fill out the contact form?

If they’re on your email list or follow you on social media, was there something you said that prompted them to take the next step?

If they heard you speak, read an article you wrote, or read an article about you, ask where they saw this and what impressed them the most.

Get the details. You can use this information to improve your marketing.


But you’re not done. There’s one more question to ask the new client and it might be the most important of all.

Ask, “Why did you choose me?”

Many clients considered other lawyers before they chose you. Find out what it was about you that tipped the scale in your favor.

Was it something about your background or experience? Something on your website? A review on a third-party site?

Was it how you treated them when they called? Something you or staff said that gave them hope?

Was it how you explained their risks and options? A story you told? Was it that you weren’t pushy?

Have them fill out a questionnaire and/or ask about these things when you talk. This kind of feedback is marketing gold.

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